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Posoh Mawanew Weak!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our Catering Website

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and watch our social media pages for more exciting and educational bits.

I hope you will find much love within these recipes and pages. As you have seen, during this journey, I will be documenting and sharing stories, imagery, and education. 


Enjoy your stay and be sure to reach out with any queries.


Remember that the more you share your learnings with your local communities, the better they can grow. I am looking forward to sharing love and ingredients that continue to enrich our lands and lives. 


To spread love and knowledge within our communities through education with nourishing foods, entertaining social gatherings, and live cooking demonstrations.

You can join in conversations on our social media pages as well. Ketapanen Kitchen can be found on:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & Twitter/X!


Executive Chef Walks First

Jessica Pamonicutt (Paemonekot)


Seed to Feed Native Foods Initiative

Together with Pilot Light & The Field Museum, we are currently working to create educational pieces on Native Foods. Through this collaboration, my Seed to Feed Initiative was born.


The goal of our Initiative is twofold: Education & Community.



Bringing people together & creating educational resources that center on Native Foods.



Continued work to help bridge the divides that make access to traditional foods difficult for those of us in the Chicagoland area, who live away from our homelands.


This program is in development and being defined, and it will absolutely grow into a beautiful & sustainable program.


In small numbers we create ripples, in large numbers we create waves. As a community, we should continue to work together to restore and protect Indigenous food systems.


My hope is to see a food sovereignty program developed in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Teaching community members how to identify, harvest, grow and cook Indigenous foods is a great way to restore our food systems. We currently have three small garden spaces in the Chicagoland area, but that is not enough! In an ideal world, the community will be able to secure land for planting and growing. A community-owned and operated farm/garden space where we could come together to grow and feed the community would be a dream come true. And I know it will happen one day soon.


In closing, any donations made to this campaign will assist with the development of educational resources, as well as help create access to traditional seeds & foods for our community. If enough funds are raised, we might plan to be able to work towards a large community farm/garden! So Thank You for helping us Seed & Feed the future.

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